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CCM Boys conquering the world


Well-Known Member
The break and Prijovic + Dia returning may yet save Aloisi. Don’t have as much hope for Perth & Brisbane. Corica my dark horse to get punted, not as outright bad but needs to deliver this season and so far too hot and cold for the squad he has.
What about f**k face? Hes a contender for the flick

Rising Sun

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I was googling him a few weeks ago to see how he was going and came up with an article on a Costa Rican website with some quotes.from Marco.

The Google translate was pretty flaky but the gist of it was that he was outspoken about their campaign in the 2018 world cup. Marco said he could have kept his head down but said it wasn't in his nature not to speak up when things were not right - but he knew that his cards would be marked as a result. He has not played for CR since


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So far Qatar and Costa Rica have looked worse than us and Iran on par.Urena would not have made any difference to their team performance.Like France against us Spain were in a different class.

Rising Sun

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Last time I looked he'd dragged them off the bottom of the league and up to fifth - but that was a while ago.
He dragged them off the bottom but it was also him that took them there. They finished 2nd in their conference last season under the previous manager, but 8th this year under Hutch and missed the play-offs for the 1st time in their 4 year history.

I read the "leaving to be closer to family" as "services no longer required after a disappointing season but we are all been very amicable about it". That's mainly because I am an old cynic but the Japan role would suggest the cynicism was justified

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