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Shaun Mielekamp

Well-Known Member
Hey everyone
I was digging through the archives and just wanted to proof check the list of Mariners players that have played for a local club in their junior career (so Hutch playing for Terrigal MAA3's doesn't count!!)
This is the list that we have here at the club but I'm not sure of the accuracy - there are no better experts on this than this forum so keen to check the data for any errors.
Here is the list that we have for Mariners players that have played juniors for a local club on the coast:
Damien Brown - The Entrance
Andrew Clarke - Wyoming & Umina
Jamie McMaster - Umina
Brad Porter - Kanwal & Killarney Vale
James Holland - Budgewoi
Oliver Bozanic - Avoca
Matthew Trott - East Gosford
Matt Simon - Wyoming & East Gosford
Ian McAndrew - Wyoming
Brady Smith - Wyoming
Andrew Redmayne - Gosford
Jess Vanstrattan - Terrigal
Trent Buhagiar - Umina
Lachlan Wales - Terrigal
Matthew Hatch - Woy Woy & Kincumber

Who have I missed or have the incorrect details on? Would be great to know and see any comments or thoughts anyone has as it is an interesting read.
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Paddy Z played for Southern Ettalong a few seasons back I believe?

And The Entrance 35Cs.

Played the grand final against our Ourimbah 35s last year. Our 45s were on our mad Monday (Saturday) after playing our grand final the night before and well into it by the time the match came around so sideline support was vocal.

He was playing along to “you’re just a fat washed up Dutchman” and other banter but then got sick of it and apparently complained to the ref about us. We were told afterwards that the ref said we are allowed to support their team, he has heard far worse playing A-League, and that he won’t be doing anything about it. Patty ended up getting frustrated and copped a yellow card for a hack on our midfielder. Sideline banter amplified after that.


Well-Known Member
I’d be pretty dirty playing against an ex A league player in the Cs even if he is getting on a bit now.

He was class but our centre midfield (Patty was playing centre mid) had his measure. A little guy that was nipping at his feet. Hence the yellow card.

I think it was awesome for those players to play against him.


Well-Known Member
There are 3 other players I know of that have made it on to the bench in A League/FFA Cup games as an unused sub - not sure if that will count or not Shaun, but probably at least just as worthy as James Holland being on the list. All are listed on the official team sheets for these games.

Beyhan Irmako (GK) Terrigal junior - unused sub FFA Cup 2014 v South Coast Wolves
Steve Whyte - The Entrance junior - unused sub A League 2017-18 v Newcastle
Michael Glassock - The Entrance/Killarney Vale junior - unused sub A League 2018-19 v Wellington

And Andrew Clark played for both Wyoming and PMK (the forerunner of Mountains) as a junior.

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