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How to quit smoking ?


Well-Known Member
I smoked for 20 years then went cold turkey. This isn't for everyone of course, my wife used patches, my daughter used tablets. Whatever method you use, the road isn't easy. Just remember that you've been a drug addict, and like any addict the urge to go back is always there. I'm not trying to frighten you, it's something you need to be aware of. You must be absolutely determined to quit, no matter what method you use, and you must resist with all your might the temptation of "I'll just have one." Even after nearly 30 years of non-smoking, I still feel the urge from time to time. I resist and the longer it's been since I quit, the easier it is to resist. I can tell you if I hadn't quit when I did, I wouldn't be writing this, I'd be dead.
I admire your desire to quit and I wish you the very best in your endeavours, you could be saving your life. It's very helpful to be able to talk to people who know what you're going through, so if you want to talk any reformed smoker will be only too willing to lend a hand. If you'd like, PM me and I'll send you my email.
All the very best.


Well-Known Member
Be a man!!! Make the decision and dont look back. Get into some sport that requires cardio and its alot easier as anytime you relapse smoke it hurts you when you train or play.
Alex, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do, so giving up smoking is not hard if you want it.

Also knowing that its killing you is a big deterent. Good luck brother.


Well-Known Member
I smoked for 20 years and tried to give up off and on for most of it. I tried pills, patches, cutting down and other stuff I can't remember.
What worked for me was deciding that enough is enough. I set a date and told everyone I know I was quitting. That was a way to give me incentive not to fail.
Then I went cold turkey. That is the best way.
Have not smoked for over two years now.

Some tips:

Every time you try to give up and fail, try and learn a lesson from it.
Go cold turkey. You can do it.
Keep yourself busy for the first 24 hours. The first three days are the hardest but if you can make it through one, you can do three.
After day three just keep pushing. The cravings get less frequent as time goes on.
If you manage to go a week or two or more, don't think "I'll have just one". It is all or nothing.

If you have a question, just ask.



Well-Known Member
I tried several times too. The final straw was when we were on holidays. I was sitting up in the motel room at about 2am. I couldn't lie down because I couldn't breathe, so there I was gasping for breath and sucking on a cig. Suddenly it hit me, what the f**k am I doing? So I stubbed out the smoke, crumpled up the packet (it still had a few in it) and tossed packet & lighter into the bin and I've never had a smoke since. It was bloody hard at first, but as each day went by I thought to myself " right, another day. Not going back, don't want to go through this again." It worked for me.

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