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Mariners V Drive By's


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Ams was in VAR if I recall correctly. The on field ref was one of the few times we’ve ever seen someone properly dumped into obscurity. Mostly because he was new at A league level.
You do indeed recall correctly - Adam Fielding was the centre that day. Hasn’t actually been in the centre in the ALM since that season.


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The really concerning thing is that Evans seems to thrive on upsets and ride his own ego. I don’t actually think we have had him back at Home since the City debacle.. am I wrong? So a stadium full of fans who hate him and a club who hate him is just the kind of thing that he gets off on 🙈

it’s not just us he has screwed over with unbelievably bad calls.. look at Nix v Sydney. It doesn’t matter how much attention he gets for these bad calls, just seems to fuel him more. WTF is Football Australia thinking to let him continue doing it though.. there is an agenda and It’s got to come down to money at the end of the day. (Somebody is getting paid off.) It’s the only plausible explanation.
f**k him, if I was Monty , I’d tell them we ain’t showing if those warped , pretentious cock heads are the match officials …won’t solve anything and we’d do the points BUT it might just throw a spotlight on the egg sucking dogs…I mean f**k, how much longer are we gonna let refs f**k the league ?

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