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Should Staj be Given a 5 Year Contract? ....and the Keys to Gosford.


Well-Known Member
Here’s a random thought bubble, bring back Staj as our inaugural women’s coach (if he’s not been picked up by then by another club)…
I think he parted ways with the club not the other way around, so bringing him back is not the right terminology. Taking him back is more appropriate and I wouldn't say no if it was for the women's team. His name was mentioned at Western United but that didn't work out for him. What ever new challenges he was chasing they haven't come to fruition very quickly. He still orchestrated a great season for us and if he had stayed on I would be perfectly comfortable with him. But we all know how that played out.


Well-Known Member
Disagree. He left looking for greener pastures and didnt find what he was looking for. I understand why and I get it but I'm not sure that's a relationship we should be quick to resume.


Well-Known Member
Disagree. He left looking for greener pastures and didnt find what he was looking for. I understand why and I get it but I'm not sure that's a relationship we should be quick to resume.
I can see and understand your reasoning. I look at it another way. He had rehabilitated his reputation and was not going to get additional funds. i.e. He probably thought he probably couldn't do better than 3rd with his squad. I suspect he saw opportunities and left for them.

If he took the women's squad he would know the managers on the coast as well as his in-depth knowledge of the women's game both here and abroad. He showed he could work within a budget.

As long there was no ill-will between him and the club I think he would be a great choice.


Well-Known Member
Do we have any women's coaches on the coast? I'm totally new to the women's game. What about Mrs Monty?!


Well-Known Member
Dan Barrett?

When do we get an IU.\LW team? If Staj is still out of work then I reckon he might, but expect him to get something else first

Big Dog

Well-Known Member
When the story around the poor culture in the Matildas leading to the Staj sacking broke I suspected it was based around the relationships in the team. I coached Premier League Women’s football for three years. It was a huge eye opener into the dynamics of relationships in women’s football after coaching in the Men’s game. My experience was it just wasn’t at our club but across many clubs. The grooming is blatant and constant. My daughter was in the squad and was flirted with and had suggestive comments constantly behind my back. The older girls focus on the younger ones, some move clubs due to their relationship breaking up, or because someone they’re attracted to is at another club.
People are entitled to choose the relationships that work for them, but the grooming nature of what I saw on a regular basis should give those with teenage daughters entering Senior football cause to be wary and at the very least a reason to be in regular dialogue with their daughter about their world generally.
The mad thing is that at an elite level the kind of stress endured by some of the players over a prolonged period impacts negatively on their onfield performances and ultimately the teams performance.


Well-Known Member
The players involved in the original incidents would be retired or at least very close now wouldn't they? Just going off the idea they were 15-20 years ago. Hopefully that plus the increased expectation of professionalism and how these things are viewed now will mean it goes away.

I do lean towards the theory that Staj copped backlash for pushing a certain level of professionalism and IMO with the attention and money starting to go towards the women's game that's to be expected. Much tougher to take a hardline stance with part timers and a limited talent pool but the level the Matildas are operating at is past that point and will continue to grow. Equality is a double edged sword.
No. Not all of them are retried, and not close either. If we wish to do well at the next women's world cup


Well-Known Member
I'd heard that story, from a source close to Matilda's players, the one about not letting partners room together. Didn't hear it connected to him trying to break a cycle of poor culture.

But if it is true players made false allegations to get rid of him, that's ordinary. I find it hard to feel sorry or have much support for the Matilda's when more and more of this garbage surfaces.


Well-Known Member
A culture so great for a long time that they had to dump a coach two years ago heading in to a world cup. If you're going to lie at least make it believable.


Well-Known Member
Written by lawyers? Says nothing just motherhood statements.
A realisation on how serious and damaging the allegations are. Agree it is a pretty hollow statement given their track record and the Staj sacking. This is the shake up it needs and to show this behavior will not be tolerated no matter who you are. I hope this is a turning point for the team and women's football in general. Bring it all to the forefront and then move forward bigger and stronger I say.

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