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Wk 15 Others Games


Well-Known Member
Thu - 5:35pm - A Cardinal Direction United vs All money, no throphies .
Thu - 7:40pm - TOP OF THE LEAGUE vs Red Louganis.
Fri - 6:05pm - the Campbelltown Heifers vs A Cardinal Direction United.
Sat - 7:10pm - the Orange Disintegration vs The Carl Robinson "We're only just getting started" A-league Dream team
Sun - 7:05pm - The Line Crossers vs the Graham Arnold Geriatric Reunion Spectacular (omitting Graham Arnold).
Mon - 5:05pm - Second-Last Rung Scum vs A Cardinal Direction United.
Mon - 7:10pm - Wellingong Fire Chickens vs All money, no trophies.
Tue - 7:05pm - The Carl Robinson "We're only just getting started" A-league Dream team vs TOP OF THE LEAGUE.
Wed - 7:05pm -the Graham Arnold Geriatric Reunion Spectacular (omitting Graham Arnold) vs The Other Western Team.

Literally a full week of football, I think this one's gunna push the Trouble and strife.
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That interview was a bit too Adelaide-centric for my liking and possibly shows a worrying mindset that Staj may be focusing too much on them and not enough on lifting our performance level. :popcorn:

true believer

Well-Known Member
god the fox stooges were gushing over the Campbelltown Heifers .
i cant believe teams that play the heifers , just don't shutdown derbyshire .

perth defence is rancid and without D'Agostino their attack has nothing


Well-Known Member
I see the Drive Byes are resting some of their big names and already look all over the Roar. Clearly they have an eye on Tuesday. Roar looking ordinary in defence and DWH on the bench which is surprising.

true believer

Well-Known Member
at the end of the game .The Carl Robinson "We're only just getting started" A-league Dream team
were sweated up like pigs . robinson clearly blew the queensland trip .
i need to go outside and slap myself a few times for cheering on joey "the rapper " champness .


Well-Known Member
I'm gunna throw it out there and say jay barnett shouldn't even be in NPL 2.
Blokes lost in No-mans-land most of the game, the barbarosus goal is all him.

true believer

Well-Known Member
what an insipid game . frankly i think corica is the worst manager in the league .
sydney are clueless . and if possible even more boring than the heifers .
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