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2022/23 Season


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To provide added perspective:
Wanderers with a coach who's attitude hasn't lead to success beyond two seasons - we've seen him in the league for a long time too, I don't think he'll improve
MC with a coach who may be one position above where he should be. Only previous experience didn't go well and I hear he bottled a GF. He'll have the cattle, I'm not sure he's a head coach. Admitting to your CEO on camera after losing a grand final 5-1(?) "I don't know what happened" doesn't give out a good vibe
Bling - same old coach who now couldn't do the job with experienced players and now has to turn to youth
Adelaide - Their coach was delusional in the last few weeks of the season, showed no ability to change things up and has no Goodwin, no recruits of note and an aging hacker in Isiais, who was at fault with more than 75% of the goals they leaked against us, as a key player.
Vuck - see Wanderers above, but their coach isn't a complete tool

I think all others are wild cards and have potential. Then us ..

Established, dynamic, strategic leadership with clear goals and plans to achieve them. A very good squad. Matt Simon. And the exciting opportunity to bring in a coach that suits our ethos and can build on the solid foundations laid by Monty/Staj/Ken etc.

And what's with the Dick hate here? He's made a couple of mistakes and he'll make more. But he's hands on, supportive of the staff, brought in a lot of support staff in areas we didn't have covered before, putting his hard earned into the club. I don't always like the letters he sends to us, hard to guess his strategy there, I suspect he had more to do with the GF in Sydney debacle, and don't like what I heard about letting go a good youth coach.

BUT I LOVE DICK! and forgive those errors in judgement.


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Wanderers with a coach who's attitude hasn't lead to success beyond two seasons - we've seen him in the league for a long time too, I don't think he'll improve
If they start well this season - and their showings so far suggest they will - they could be contenders this season. Maybe it'll fall apart but I think it's more likely they build on last season.

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