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Not bad for a bloke who was nearly deported 🤷🏻‍♂️
I watched him one AFC game early in the season. He butchered everything he touched. I turned to one of the people i was with and said.......that is the 2nd worst Brazillian player i have ever seen (Rogue Junior of Leeds) was the worst by some margin. After that it was a mixed bag and then he scored the penalty...............after that i have been walking in a Doka Wonderland ever since.


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Not sure if I like this one from the SMH, or am offended by it.

The point every one keeps making especially the outsiders, is we're finding a way, even though it hasn't been convincing, 2 points:

-How much more convincing do you need? if 2 losses from 35 isn't enough.

-if we are "finding a way" to win unconvincingly, do they think this team can demolish an opponent without a clear inform forward.

Jackson is a genius not because he knows his team strengths, it's because he finds ways to accommodate their limitation.


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Pffft, saying we're just finding a way to win is sooky jealousy and sour grapes
I'll take our Club Championship, 2 losses in 35 games record, Premiers plate, AFC Champions Cup and defence of our current Championship and they can have their salty tears and choke on them.
Sore loser talk is all it is

FFC Mariner

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Jacko has taught the team how to change the tempo of their play .He knows that if they play flat out from the start they will be gassed by the 60 minute mark.Therefore it seems at times as we are playing in slow motion and that is actually the case.We have the ability now to switch to an up tempo game especially if Barcellos,Doka and di Pizio are on song and can link with Nisbet,Kuol,Edmo and Reec.Also Balard,Tapp and Steel when he comes on are important as when they work as a unit they not only disrupt opponents' attacks but also in possession control the tempo of the game.

Faz and Roux work in well with Balard and Tapp and their runs on the flanks ( and sometimes inside as inverted FBs) make it difficult for opposition defences.Theoharous has taken a while to catch on but now that he has nearly stopped the stationary stepovers he is proving invaluable by his ability to run at defenders.However he still often fails to pass at the critical time and runs into dead ends.Torres like wise was excellent at running at defenders as well as putting the ball into the back of the net but was often very selfish and did not pass to players in better positions.

As the season has progressed those upfield forays by Kaltak and Hall have added to the team's attacking options.As long as either Balard or Tapp cover for them this is OK.

If Jacko stays in Australia you can see Wanderers and either Melbourne City or Victory try to lure him across.
Rumour via Reddit that Monty and the family want out of Scotland and to return to Oz. Would suit Wanderers


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-How much more convincing do you need? if 2 losses from 35 isn't enough.

-if we are "finding a way" to win unconvincingly, do they think this team can demolish an opponent without a clear inform forward.
I think we largely look confident in defence but far from deadly in attack which goes to both your first and second point. We are doing very well to find a way and turn results into a W pretty consistently. If we did have an in form striker then I think that doubt would be gone. But the nix have been similar, solid off the ball and sharp on the counter. Not negative football but quite measured.


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Until he looks at his wage packet
I'd hate to spend some of the best years of a playing career sitting on the sidelines and not playing matches. I guess you gotta make bank while you can, gee that'd be depressing though.

I suppose if he's being trained well and improving maybe his second season there he'll get more of a look in.

The flipside I suppose is you don't wanna die wondering what could have been...

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