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ALM CCM vs Scummers 27-04-2024


Well-Known Member
Thought Barcellos had his best game today.

I’ve usually found him undisciplined and frantic. Today he was still frantic but it felt a bit more structured.

He kept running around which meant their defenders were getting distracted by him. Actually felt he changed the game.
100%. We were static and fairly listless. Ronny completely lifted our Tempo once he came on.

Ronnie was my MOM.
Also thought Harry looked very good (apart from one shit pass).
Great to see Big Ed smash that header and Alou slot nicely.......great confidence booster for them both.

Can't wait for Wednesday.


Well-Known Member
Does that mean, Tappy ( and Danny, though don't think he can be included) is/are the only one/s still on the nudie?


Well-Known Member
Another win when not at our absolute best, jets flooded the midfield and made it hard. But yet again the boys found a way. 3 of the subs need huge shout outs, Ronny swung the game for us with his exuberance. Big Eddy was excellent leading the line and imo despite alou scoring he looked like he literally didn’t give a flying f**k and it did my head in. Slowly walking into position, on his heels in the box, or not being bothered to get into the box leaving theo and Doka no crossing option, not making any kind of movement to be an option, awful touches.
Big Eddy looked like he wanted to be there and then some. His goal, link play and constant energy were great.

And I couldn’t be more happy for Steeley, that kid literally bleeds yellow and navy. His (heavily deflected) goal created bedlam and I couldn’t be happier that one of our own scored such an important goal for our club, I almost cried at the romance of it. Excited to see him in a regular role next season replacing max.


Well-Known Member
If there’s one thing Alou needs to work on it’s his first touch, countless times last night he’d be set for a 1 on 1 with the keeper but his touch goes astray, he got lucky with the first goal is the jets defender got possession of it but failed to clear it
He very nearly f**ked up the goal he scored. I’m not hating that much that I’m not happy he scored, I am happy for him. But f**k me he cannot start over Big Eddy anymore. He offers nothing right now, but a ball in behind that he doesn’t even make moves for. The boys just pump it and he’s obligated to chase it. He also should be so much better on the ball at this point of his career.


Well-Known Member
Has Reec fallen out of favour? I noticed he hasn't played since the game he played where he seemed to jog around everywhere?


Well-Known Member
Great craft beers, great game, great crowd, great atmosphere, great chants, great goals.

Is this a library? Made me laugh.

Today I will be mostly thinking about how we pumped the scum all 3 games this season and how we took over the scumdome, outnumbering and out singing them.


Big Al

Well-Known Member
We just grind you into the ground. We get stronger when they get tired.

The extra 10-12 asian games have given us superior fitness and has given us the extra playing time to gel as a new squad. We have almost played a season and a half so we have a better understanding as a team.

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