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Australian Football Stuff - not worthy of a thread

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
Is that a keeper going unpunished for throwing an object back into the crowd? Like completely exonerated?
Dreadful incident but that grub needed a lengthy ban too.
Typical FA/APL sucking up to the oil money


Well-Known Member
piscapo has to get a yellow and red card there (64 min ?)
brown paper bag call 101

the only reason must be ."their playing the mariners next week "
lachlan keevers is a stooge
He is a rubbish Ref that goes missing when the big call is required. Everyone called it a second yellow except the useless git with the whistle. Couldn’t hand out yellows quick enough in the first half and then appeared to lose his cards in the second. Cows are rubbish though and could win the Australia Cup and get the spoon in the same season.


Well-Known Member
He had been a tad shaky in his first few games with the Bulls but has improved the more he has played.

Glad to see him pushing on, always had talent but couldn't put it together consistently enough.
McGing`s from my home club Eschol Park FC so I`ve always has a soft spot for him.
Nice kid and talented but on the football spectrum of STARS/STOCKS/ LEMONS he`d fall in the stocks category for mine... :popcorn:


Well-Known Member
McGing`s from my home club Eschol Park FC so I`ve always has a soft spot for him.
Nice kid and talented but on the football spectrum of STARS/STOCKS/ LEMONS he`d fall in the stocks category for mine... :popcorn:
Yeah I think he has found his level with the Bulls.

He is a competent A-League squaddie who is capable of a couple of starring games every season.

The National Second Division should suit him as he always seemed better than NPL level but not consistent enough for the A-League.


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Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Now on the front page of the SMH.


A referee was left with a broken jaw after he was attacked by a spectator at a suburban men’s soccer match on Friday.

The Padstow Hornets had just beaten the Greenacre Eagles 5-1 in a Premier League Bankstown district match at Padstow Park in Sydney’s south-west when an experienced referee was repeatedly punched by a spectator.

A video of the incident shows an argument among a group of people and shouts of “hey ref, get out of there,” before one man, who had been walking away, turned around and began repeatedly punching one of the referees as members of the Eagles team tried to pull him away.
“This is a ref, mate, and he’s a good one,” one person protesting against the violence can be heard saying on the video.

The video then shows the referee – who was acting as a linesman at the match, and who umpires games in the NSW state soccer league as well as in district competitions – bleeding from the mouth. “He broke my jaw, he broke my jaw,” the referee said.

Police said officers from the Bankstown Police Area Command were investigating allegations of a punch “in the face. The injured man was taken to Liverpool Hospital, suffering an injury to his jaw.” The referee confirmed his jaw was broken.

Greenacre FC released a statement saying all forms of violence had no place in the game, and it would deal with such incidents with the “utmost seriousness”.

“As a result of an incident that occurred following the conclusion of the match, our club has made the decision to withdraw the team from the competition for the remainder of the 2023 season. We will continue to work with the association to impose the appropriate sanctions necessary.

“This serves as a reminder to all that violence will not be tolerated at our club.”

Bankstown District Amateur Football Association said it was cooperating with police, and that both teams came to the assistance of the referee. “Bankstown Football adopts a zero tolerance policy to any form of violence at sanctioned events.”

It’s the latest in a string of violent incidents in the sport. Last August, the riot squad was called in to break up a brawl in Sydney’s inner west in which spectators shouted and threw flares and road signs at each other outside Leichhardt Oval.

Last December, Melbourne Victory fans ran onto the field and assaulted player Tom Glover and referee Alex King during an A-League derby on December 17 against Melbourne City at AAMI Park.

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