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CCM Boys conquering the world

Man Overboard

Well-Known Member
He spells Marco's last name several different ways throughout that short piece, my favourite is "Uranus’ team"notable mention "Urana enjoys".

His name is spelt properly in the quote he mentions though, haha love it! :D
My son asked his science teacher "Would I die if I breathed the gas from Uranus". Teacher was a good sport and probably heard it before. Luckily he didn't ask the ancient history teacher 'Was Uranus a Titan"?


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f**k me they dude got over hyped like crazy..

Faz burst onto the scene with more talent and has been managed appropriately, look what happened to him.
It was the tards commentating on Fox that were responsible for that, we've got some numbnuts on P+ but at least we don't have to listen to Bozza's shock-jock rants anymore.

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