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Coast Football Ramble Podcast


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Any possibility of signing reinforcements in January or are we done for this season?

When's the next elite jersey presale going to be available?

Any indication of timeframe for a decision on the stadium management rights?


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I see young Erin Morrow has provided comments from a fans perspective on the KeepUp Mariners season preview.

For you guys and Sean - Have the club and the podcast team noticed an improvement in engagement between our social/marketing people and APLs content managers?

General question - what do the pod team think of KeepUp?

Coast Football Ramble

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It's time for another WINNING POD BABY!!!

Pete, Luke, Josh, and Moz thaw out after a W in wet and windy Mudgee!
This week, we catch up with Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp, we answer your questions, and we look ahead to the F3 Derby!

Is Maxi Balard the real deal? Is Lithgow Maccas possibly the worst Maccas ever? How good is Jacob Farrell!? Will Beni N'Kololo bang goals for us?

0.00-700 - Intro/Fred's Question
7.10-22.25 FFA Cup Review
22.40-47.30 - Shaun Mielekamp Interview
47.42-68.28 - Fan Questions
68.38-79.35 - F3 Derby Preview
79.45-85.25 - Other Aleague News/Outro



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1) We now have an updated squad list of 24 players. Above the 18 + 4 we were budgeted for. Do we know many of the young guys are on scholarships, how many are on full contracts and how many are NPL2 players filling in?

Birighitti, Sözer, Rizzo
Farrell, Smith, Rowles, Tongyik, Miller, Hall, Roux, Hatch
Bayliss, Nisbet, Bozanic, Balard, Steele, Goddard
Muller, Moresche, Urena, Tsekenis, Aguek, Nkololo, Simon

2) Who do you guys think will go OS next?

true believer

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miller is looking leaner , dan hall covering LB when farrell was gassed .
do we have a lack of left footed players .ie if ooooooh benny nkololo is injured .
as we will have two games in a couple of days in wollongong .

im sure you'll be able to cover these points after spending a hour on nizzys goooooooooooooooooooooal .
and farrell's header (that looked almost kuol-esk ) ,is this technique being taught in youth league ?

i posted a pick of the score board at full time . a instant after i took this pic. the screen cleared .
were the scummers being whinny tools again ?


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