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Have we reached bottom yet?


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Like relegated to where.? I think rather than the FFA kicking us and burning money on marquees who play 5 games they should do better to assisting and supporting us.
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Staff member
Loose definition of relegation. Gold Coast was "relegated" by having their license taken away from them.


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Loose definition of relegation. Gold Coast was "relegated" by having their license taken away from them.
Relegated to be oblivion.
However not only were they a basket case, they had a lunatic owner, never had any supporters and never won much of anything.
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I cannot believe l forgot how gloriously ridiculous that night was. Well, l tried to forget last season quickly tbh.
I was reminiscing at the AU game last week and thinking surely this NYE game can not be a repeat. Plus my kids want to see the fireworks this year.

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