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Hibernian FC thread

Roger the Cabin Boy

Well-Known Member
They played rugby there back in the nineteenth century.That code definitely belongs to those times.
Wikipedia [I know, not always the most reliable source], says that the artificial surface was put in in 2014 and that it hosted a rugby matches and that the latest one was Scotland V Georgia in 2018. Maybe carpet burns are prevented is it is well watered


Well-Known Member
Yep rinse and repeat, such an easy and potentially successful change. No need to change a formula that has worked.


Well-Known Member
Hibs flat after their mid week win. Couldn’t hit the back of the net if they tried. Reminisce of CCM who used to bring themselves down to the level of their opponent. Two point dropped.


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
herers to Monty and the boys kicking a big hole in Brendan fkn Rogers future employment opportunities...his Celtic doesnt resemble IN ANY WAY the Celtic of recent history ...give em hell Hibs

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