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Mariners Squad 2023/2024


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Don't the FA have plenty of money?

Time for the APL to scoff down some humble pie.
Agree - the FA do have a new Matildas and Socceroos deal coming up starting January. They are going to bundle in Australia Cup and NST as well apparently. The FA hold the rights to the next WWC (for Australia). Now if the APL can get the FFA to consolidate all Football onto say Optus and SBS then the whole package becomes very attractive
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RP was pretty adamant at the medal dinner he'd like some answers into the financial mismanagement. He's definitely seething about it and has been for a while
Apparently APL are holding those cards super tight. Especially those involved in the break away from FA


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financial fraud is
Problem is it sounds like jobs for the boys rather than fraud, purely from listening to code sport podcast today. And it sounds like the new guys running the show are covering up for DT and his mates.

The cynic/conspiracy nut in me thinks its a ruse by CFG to bankrupt the league so they basically buy it out. Evidence suggests this may not be far off. DT has a job over in Saudi. The new guy is ex CFG.


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As long as there is a FTA presence, especially for the national teams.

The Foxtel deal that forced the Socceroos behind the paywall to try and get them to pick up the Aleague was terrible.
Getting a broadcaster for the Nation teams is stand back and take the best offer.... where I would loke to be a fly on the wall is how far JJ is pushing APL coverage in exchange for the national teams...

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