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Matchday 10 v Scum


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Daniel McBreen, was that you behind the mask with the Jets players yesterday at Mr. Sister Coffee in Speers Point? Got my COVID alert from NSW health this morning. Waiting for symptoms. :D


This is really going to have to come to a head at some point. While I can understand the nuances of having to postpone, their has to be a point when they will need to get these games in anyway they can regardless of what Covid issues may abound.

I need some Mariners soccer in my life.


They need to be smarter tbh.

If some teams end up more than 3 games ahead were looking at serious disadvantages and the requirement for some teams tk play 3 times a week to catch up
I agree. I'm sure they are stressing about it of course, but really need to be a bit more creative if you will with their reactions.


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I agree. I'm sure they are stressing about it of course, but really need to be a bit more creative if you will with their reactions.
There’s only so much you can do when things happen a day before a game. We saw them put together a City & WSW game last round because it was viable. Maybe we could have played the bulls if both sides were fit but it sounds like we weren’t totally ready so happy to push it back.

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