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Offside has been revised - making it a bit easier on defenders

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Hi all,

FYI IFAB are changing the interpretation of Law 11 a little.

That's a slide pack with videos.

Basically, now when a defender makes a desperate lunge of leaps for a header and they can't quite reach it and it skims off? We're back to this no longer nullifying offside. But if they should have been able to control it and just stuffed it up, it counts as playing the ball and offside is cancelled.

So, we're back to where we were - which is a fairer approach, even if it introduces more subjectivity (though as we all know, our AL refs weren't even applying the previous interpretation correctly...."oh it was a reflex action"....f**k off Delovski you absolute clown)

At least we know before the season starts what we'll need to get angry about ;-)

No idea what CCF will do given I'm not on the coast....law changes aren't implemented mid-season, but this is just a 'clarification' not an actual change.

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