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Recommend a movie.


Need movies to watch. Share your favourite or a hidden gem that's worth watching.
Note: If you've seen 'It Follows' tell me what you thought as I loved it but no one else I know does.

Sorry if a similar thread has been created, I couldn't find it.

Forum Phoenix

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Taste is relative, but if you're looking for some recent hidden gems - try slow west, 99 homes and ex machina.


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Old classics are famous for a reason. If you have not seen Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The third man or The Maltese Falcon for example, go watch them.

Kurosawa movies are good if you want something different.

Jackie Chan films made in Hong Kong. The Hollywood stuff is rubbish.....


Old classics are famous for a reason. If you have not seen Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The third man or The Maltese Falcon for example, go watch them

You know what, I always tell myself to watch some of the classics and never end up doing it. Maybe I should pull my finger out.
Also im half expecting a million different bits where 'The Simpsons' have ripped them off down the line.


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Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Seven pounds
harry brown

start with those. Let me know if you want more.


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empire of the sun
das boat
district 9
Das Boot and Empire of the Sun were both great films.
Along the lines of Das Boot is Stalingrad (1993). Quite stark and gritty and none of the Hollywood exaggeration.

Another foreign war film worth watching is Come and See. A Russian movie set during WW 2.
There is no film quite like it and it is in many best war film lists.


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One of my favourite movies is "Day Of The Jackal". An oldie, but good. Comes closer to the book than many I've seen.

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