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Semi final “second half”


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But will make it hard for the many fans who were there last night with kids. 20k Mariner fans might not happen at that time if day in Para
Nah, the kids will love it, and they`ll all be asleep in the car by the time they get home.
This is a lifetime opportunity for the kids.
Any child over 8 will never forget this event,they`ll be telling their grandkids that they were there to cheer the Mariners back in 23.

Any Coastie parent that doesn`t take their kids to watch the Mariners in the Grand Final should be charged with child abuse.


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At the pre-season sponsors breakfast we got to meet the players. I shook hands and chatted with a few. Sammy came over, offered his handshake and said, "Hi I'm Sam".....i replied "I know who you are Sammy and welcome home.....its so much better here, than being in that Shithole up North"...he gave me a big grin and said "you are not wrong".
I had a feeling he was very grateful to Monty for being rescued.
Who knew he would have such a good season. Having said that I did tell alot of you that the boy was the stand out talent of the kids at training 1st dance with us.
I`ve been at a few training sessions this season with dad and I can assure everyone here that the
NO DICKHEADS policy is alive and well at the Mariners.
Every player we`ve met and everyone of the backroom staff and coaches are 100% quality people.


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Which... actually helps MAKE THEM MONEY in this instance.
I believe one of the main reasons this one sold out was the amount of GA and being able to just add on a few more people and sort out the exact seats on the night. That’s unlikely to be the case at the GF. We normally attend with a few families, can we get 20 tickets at once? We probably won’t know until 11.


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The Grand Final announcement was a direct result of Arnies plea after the World Cup for governments to invest more money into domestic football. I don't recall Arnie ever asking the for the fans to be consulted first.

I'm not sure if you're taking the piss or not.
If you are, well played,
If you are not, then you don't know what are you on about.
It has zero to do with what Arnie said and everything to do with the APL being poor at managing their finances. The idea was originally floated amongst the board and with the NSW government during Covid lockdowns and then reignited when they decided they wanted to commercialise everything they could about the A-league.
My sources? The failing chairman himseld Danny Townsend.

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