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Songs 'N Chants

Shaun Mielekamp

Well-Known Member
This is ridiculous. What is the difference between screaming out supporting your team which is allowed and singing it I don’t class what we do in bay 16 as singing. Football fans unite in protest get the Jets fans over to sing in bay 16 yes it ridiculous but it would get attention to the ridiculous rule
Hmmm maybe I can argue that "what they do in Bay 16 is definitely not singing".....


Well-Known Member
After watching the Sydney Test the Barmy Army clearly didn't receive the brief. IMO if they let you go to a live sporting match then it is expected you will yell/scream/sing/abuse etc.

Appreciate the heads up though Shaun, not an easy situation to deal with.


Well-Known Member
1) Unfortunately my son and potentially myself have contracted COVID (he seems to be okay at the moment and I'm awaiting a result), so I'll be in isolation for this game, I don't think there'll be a drum or anyone willing to play a drum there.

2) If we take a cross, unfairly pre-judge everyone and say the lords prayer we can pretend to be Hillsong, security will leave us alone then, as they seem to have free reign to do whatever they want.

3) We could make the argument that none of us can sing, so it's co-ordinated supportive or abusive yelling.

4) @Shaun Mielekamp are they specifically targetting Bay 16? What if 'active' moved?


Well-Known Member
Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a short update on this weekends game in regards to the recent governments "No singing or Dancing" restrictions.
Some of you might be aware that concerts and festivals around the state have been shut down by these government regulations.
We are looking to get a clear definition on what this means for our upcoming games and in particular the game on Saturday. We aim to have some communication go out tomorrow to members.
The way it reads at the moment is that signing and dancing isn't allowed and that will affect any coordinated chants and songs.

Drums and clapping in time as a group is still permitted and although we are expecting a small crowd we don't want there to be any issues with security because of these rules that have been imposed.

I did challenge the interpretations saying that "Chanting is not singing" although I didn't get far to be honest.

Its a tough one because we need to be good citizens and do the right thing, yet no-one wants the fun police out there as well either.

I'm keen to hear anyone's thoughts or passions on this topic so we can try and find the right balance here.

... and now for (probably) the unpopular opinion (since nobody else is offering it)

. it appears that you are not seeking clarification but an exemption to the 'no singing' restriction. my suggestion (although i'm sure it will be unpopular) is to apply that exemption to the active bay

. then offer people the freedom to choose - you know the risks, you make the choice (kinda like anti-vaxxers). as a sweeping generalisation i'd say that the typical 'active' member is more likely to be in the 'spreading' demographic than the 'vulnerable' demographic

. now i am aware of the assistance that 'chanting' can provide to the team and i am not discounting that ... but the alternative may be an empty stadium

. but i think the bigger concern is elsewhere in the stadium as there has been no mention or discussion of changes to seating arrangements (refer to public criticisms of seating at the recent sydney test). i think it is more important that security allow freedom of seating in the designated seating bays. as another sweeping generalisation these patrons are more likely to be in the 'vulnerable' demographic

. if, as you stated, you are not expecting a big crowd this makes even more sense. for example - if you have payed for the privilege of sitting in the shade, you should be able to move away from people (if space allows) without having to move to GA seating

. of course spontaneous reaction will occur everywhere in the stadium ... and vociferous encouragement of further education for the officials is unavoidable - but people should be allowed to use distance in an attempt to protect themselves. there are probably a lot more people besides 'the active' that would like some clarification

. set some rules which allow choice and flexibility and communicate well


Well-Known Member
The UK (read English media) would always rejoice when Murray was on a roll..."Brit star Murray makes the QF's but when he would lose meekly it would be "Scots hero rolled in QF".
I was thinking of it more from Iain's perspective! ;)

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