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The what f**king round is it thread? 12 maybe?


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TCT is just not A League quality, speed and nothing else. Elvis shows him up every game. Will be interesting to see how this one goes, wouldn’t be upset with a draw.

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"😯 Can't be true, Ziggy is a winner!"

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I don’t think it was a pen, watch the one against City now that is a dodgy decision.
when you see all the shots he moves his arm to the ball.
the ref called it in real time .the var didn't have anything close to reasonable doubt to over rule it


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I just watched some highlights and press conferences.

Milicic flabbergasted by both our pens. What a tool. Didn't mention their possible hand ball in the box in the dying seconds of the first half that wasn't reviewed.

Not sure why Popovic was so angry about Brillante two yellows. Highlights didn't show the first so I don't know if it was undeserved, but definitely deserved the second and should never make that challenge when already on a yellow. Then Archie suggests the second yellow shouldn't be given if the ref realises Brillante already had one - WHAT?

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