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We're Back - Finals Baby

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
If we get stiffed on match fixing again I'll go postal. I've got huge suspicions about several games this season. If we get Beath or Ams on VAR expect to be bent over.
I've never thought we've had a particular issue with Beath - he's just consistently afraid of big decisions.
Ams or Kris Griffiths-Jones are suspicious.

I expect it will be one of those in the GF - so they'll be heavily involved in the entire finals series. No idea who the ref will be. The Iranian showpony, perhaps? Shaun Evans again? Probably Beath actually. Last time he made so many errors leading up to the GF it wasn't funny (I think I counted between 7 and 9 incorrect decisions around goals/penalties/red cards in a single finals game in the leadup) but it didn't matter, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him again taking the glory. There aren't many who have a big enough profile.


Well-Known Member
So. 3 points separate us from a home final and a final in Adelaide. Let's all just rejoice that it was an O'Donavan (🐍🐍🐍) dog shot to the back of Stens' head that got us a free kick which lead to Kuols first goal and an eventual 3 points in the first derby at home, that got us as home final!


Well-Known Member
It's CCM + your member number (eg CCM12345). It looks like all the season reserved seats are blocked out though, so I guess if you want to be in the same seat as you were this season you'll need to call the club or drop an email to memberships before 5pm today.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
anyone else having problems?

click next at the bottom of the screen and the wheel spins..................

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