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Who's Your Secret Second Team?


Well-Known Member
This might seem like an odd subject for a thread but I know we all have teams we dislike more than others, so logically there must be teams we like more than others.

When the league started, I was immediately a Mariners fan because I had recently moved to the Coast.

But I grew up in Sydney, most of my friends were in Sydney, I work in Sydney and still think of myself as a Sydney boy. (It suits me to think of the Coast as part of Greater Sydney.)

That meant I was quite comfortable having Sydney as my second team in the early days, and even used to stand with my mates at the back of the Cove (at Bluetongue) for the first half in early years. I was well known (and tolerated) as a Mariners fan in their midst but when we went quickly up 3 - 0 on the 7 - 2 day there were dark glances in my direction and I was advised to scarper.

The other aspect for me was that, more than anything else, I wanted the league to prosper. As an Australian football fanatic, I wanted success for the league more than I wanted success for any one team. That doesn't mean I ever wanted the Mariners not to win, but it does mean that whenever I watched games not featuring the Mariners I didn't want the home team to lose. I wanted the home crowds to be encouraged to keep attending matches.

So, because I watch all AL matches (if I'm home or within cooee of a telly), I've gradually developed a scale of likes/dislikes in terms of the teams I like to watch. I do like to watch City play (because they're good) even though I deplore the influence of CFG in world football.

I like the passion of the Sydney and Victory fans but rarely want them to win these days (I'm over my earlier affinity for Sydney).

I deeply dislike Newcastle, Macarthur, Western Sydney.

Don't mind Adelaide or Perth.

Don't give a rat's about Western or Wellington.

Mainly feel sorry for Brisbane (despite 2012).

So the ultimate question is probably: who is your least hated team?


Well-Known Member
It's probably Adelaide for me these days, but I farking well hated them the night of the numerous penalties.


Well-Known Member
Changes depends on the players and coach at the particular club.

In recent years Brisbane & Perth have had least wankers.

Remember Adelaide had Mauk and even Irunkunda behaviour turns me off even though he’s young.


Well-Known Member
North Queensland. But only the straka months.

Not so much a second favourite team but I enjoy watching various incarnations.

City of the last few years have been good. Ange’s Roarcelona we’re epic. Loved watching shinji at WSW.

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
Most hated. In order
City (represent everything wrong with football)
Sydney (APL in house club)
Scum (obviously)
Perth (no idea why)
The rest
WSW aren't any sort of club I don't hate them just hold them and their fans in utter contempt


Well-Known Member
Tough one.

Several seasons I’ve had the Nix as a second team, however two seasons ago they had very focal fans hating CCM and it was on the back of us literally cheering for them when they played in Gosford during Covid so it pushed me the wrong way. I love their little corner of Yellow though.

I hate Newcastle,MacArthur and I’ve had strong hatred at times towards Adelaide but I’m not losing sleep over them at the moment.

I don’t like the Wanderers but really like their Memes guy.

Otherwise I tend to root for whoever is at the bottom. Everyone else I’m pretty ambivalent.


Well-Known Member
Hate Adelaide,Victory and Roar.Dislike WSW,Newcastle,Sydney and City.,Ambivalent about Wellington,MacArthur and Perth.For some funny reason don't mind WU-probably because Conor Pain played for them.


Well-Known Member
Probs loosely Roar since I live here now and the young fella loosely follows roar. Not a good time for a kid to get on board. We keep spanking them

If a 2nd Brisbane team came along I'd probs actively support them as a second team. I was at the GF when we blew 2-0, so I can't fully get behind roar.

I despise the melbs teams for various reason same with smurfs, WSW and jest

An ambivalent towards nux, perf, cowbells.

Enjoy atm when we spank the Rads. And they've been a grubby team starting from Mauk.


Well-Known Member
Watch the tape of him v Faz (any game will do)
Plus his shit attitude won't endear him to Arnie
To some extent that shows you how good Fazz has become.

His shit attitude - for an emotional 17 yo - I can cope with. He's technically better than most attacking players selected. And much faster.

He had a blinder tonight.

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