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you're listening to what right now????

true believer

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the greatest there ever was or ever will be

ffs the man is violating a 12 string . not even john mclaughlin could play like that

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TC Redline

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the greatest there ever was or ever will be

Absolutely love these clips of Led Zep. How good is it when the Immigrant song starts pumping at our home games but what a let down when they yank it to go to the old sports world theme song. I wonder if the best ground announcer in the A league ( Pete over to you) has any sway here and can whack it on earlier so we can hear all or at least a 3rd of it. :D


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I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
my fave NWOBHM song from 1984 when I used to buy my metal albums at Utopia records in Martin Place

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