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You're Watching What Right Now???

Man Overboard

Well-Known Member
The great Vinnie Jones-now there was a GREAT DM-scared the crap out of opposing mids ad forwards
Yeah, I think I have a new favourite player :} Apparently he had the fastest red card in history [among many cards] and said that the FA should be grateful to him for taking the hooliganism from the terraces, and onto the pitch. Can we hire him for one on one coaching to show Moresch what a REAL foul looks and feels like? Maybe keep him away from Miller as he could pick up some bad habits :]


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
Vinnie J is a deadset lege …not that I condone his actions , still, Chopper Harris makes him look like a choirboy

Rising Sun

Well-Known Member
In the 1960s and early 70s Chelsea had Ron "Chopper "Harris,Leeds had Norman "Bites your Legs" Hunter and Billy Bremner and MU had the toothless ,ruthless Nobby Stiles.They were absolute assassins and would not be allowed to play today
and Tommy Smith at Liverpool, Dave Mackay at Spurs and Peter Storey at Arsenal (who had quite a colourful life of the field as well). It seems all top sides had a brutal enforcer - and all of them would have prospered today as well because they were quality footballers as well as being ruthless hatchet men - they would just have toned down the latter

Rising Sun

Well-Known Member
Watch Lock Stock and Snatch. Brilliant. Just plays himself
Or this clip from the Ricky Gervais comedy series Extras, where "hardman" actor/documentary maker Ross Kemp - sending himself up - had heard Vinnie was filming nearby and was shooting his mouth of about what we would do to him.


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
Right at this very moment?
PSG vs FC Metz and it 5-0 to M’Bappe and the boys and Metz are gawnski


Well-Known Member
Highly recommend Belle (2021) it's not really on any streaming service but well worth a digital/physical purchase. It's a Sci-fi Anime Musical based incredibly loosely on the original (non Disney) Beauty and the Beast. One of the most visually stunning movies I have ever watched and has fantastic music. Since I saw it in theatres early this year it has become my favourite movie ever.


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
found this and to be fair, didnt know much, if anything, about the bloke, BUT, cracking doco none the less



Well-Known Member
Anyone who has Netflix “Love on the Spectrum” is a must watch. Follows autistic young adults trying to find love and relationships. Much of it is filmed in Newcastle and on the Coast. Absolutely lovely and hilarious as there is no filter.
The new American series is even better. Made by the same producers.


Well-Known Member
Love The Expanse and wish it was going further but getting into the book series!
There is talk of someone else taking the show on to deal with the final three books but as that part of the story takes place 30 years later, it would no doubt be recast. Just finished watching seasons 3-6 and went back and started season 1 again, not something I normally do but I wanted to pick up on what I missed plot-wise first time around.

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