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CCMA 2019 Season


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Lots of assumptions here.

Never got a crack when we were short of CBs and is now too old for nyl. why stay and not get paid or go to npl1 and make small coin. making an assumption on his move.
Glassock is not too old for NYL - he would still be eligible for next season and the next NPL season as an over age player.
He is not going to another NPL club.
Our proud track record of not developing juniors continues.
Well done Monty
Again off the mark - he has been developed as a local junior and is progressing to another professional club (not A League or NPL) as he wasn't considered ready for the A League - YET
Montys coaching debut is it not?
No - he had his first game in charge last week - a 5-1 win over a side that was equal with us on the ladder.


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Is that on Monty or is Michael just sick of the shit that goes on and had already made a decision to leave?? PL or Pete?
See my answer above - Michael or the club will announce where he is going in due course - all I will say is that it is overseas and the club assisted him with the move.


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Hong Kong I hear. Not really a step up in development.
The club seems to think it is a step up for Mick. Is it better than the A League - No.Is it a step up from part time NPL2 - Yes. Will it be a good move - who knows? we'll see in another 12 - 18 months and see where his next move is - to a better league, back to the A League or back to the NPL.


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Central Coast Mariners FC vs. St George FC – 3pm Sunday 2nd June, Pluim Park

The Saints make the long haul up the coast this week and will take solace in finding some flow in their attacking ranks last weekend.

Having picked up some familiar faces and knowledge that the Mariners have not fortified their typical fortress, they will be eager to produce and smash and grab and jump above City.

The Mariners efforts at home last week were a little erratic at times and the side was unable to convert chances that could have steered them to victory.

Up against the often poor-performing Saints, the young men in Yellow and Navy have a chance to get their home form up and running and get back to basics.

Masterfood Quality Sauce: https://footballnsw.com.au/2019/05/28/round-14-preview-npl-2-nsw-mens/


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Central Coast Mariners vs St George FC, Sunday June 2, 3pm, Pluim Park

The Mariners aim to keep the streak rolling as the coastal side take on St George FC at their traditional home Pluim Park, this weekend.

Central Coast notched their fourth-straight victory in a 6-2 success in the Mariners derby against Western NSW. For St George, they were committed but fell to the superior finishing of Nepean FC in a four-nil defeat.

Much like SD Raiders FC, this weekend could put the Mariners back into the top five contention. The young side have been steered well by experienced duo Gabrielle Blanch and Jade Mcatemney, the former has provided four goals in May.

Dan Barrett’s side played the Saints a fortnight ago, so might make it a five-star performance on Sunday afternoon.

Masterfood Quality Sauce:

Josho Howe

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Academy boys are missing Glassock in the heart of defence and also Nisbet in midfield. Look disorganised and aren't putting away the lower teams in NPL2.

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