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Coast Football Ramble Podcast


Well-Known Member
I think he means NPL commentating! 😉

Side note, surely finals call for box dye? Or should that be Final Call For Box Dye!
Ha - I wish that was the ‘real life’ gig!

As for the box dye… we lost about 10 mins of audio, suspiciously around the time the first question of Luke’s hair started! I’m trying to recover it into the pod (it’s an issue I’ve not come across before).


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Based on current squad and academy players likely to step up, is there any particular position on the field that he will be actively recruiting for in the off season?


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Do you read stuff written on social media and take it to heart, use it for motivation (good or bad) or genuinely just don’t give it the time of day? (Which would be completely fair.. you seem to prove the critics wrong 99% of the time.)
Do you enjoy that either for good or bad.. the passion is BACK!!
PS you are doing an exceptional job 😍

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