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Coast Football Ramble Podcast

Josho Howe

Well-Known Member
Who is your Most hated opposition player (other than the ones who left us to play for another A-League club i.e. snake, da silva etc). Going back I could not stand Joel Griffiths but have to say Isais the last 5 years or so would have to be up there with Griffiths for pure filth coupled with incessant whinging and play acting. Cant stand him.
I would have to agree with another comment on Mauk, Guy was a complete pain in the arse. But, at least we could meme him about the diary thing though so small consolation.


Well-Known Member
. do you think the GF Party could have been a success if held at an accessible time, in an accessible location?

... or maybe even if it had been announced before Coasties had booked their accommodation for Saturday night


Well-Known Member
Without going down the rabbit hole,
If the FFA were still in charge do we think the GF would still have been sold out?

Would the FFA have succeeded in achieving the Buyurn Munich game, etc?


Well-Known Member
Great feel coming into the GF for the Mariners!

Post GF what does the APL need to do to get rid of the stench of failure?

Can the fan group collaborate and make a wish list again for submission:

* Pause and rewind
* More structured and consistent game times
* Financial transparency
* Data shown on incoming franchises, explain decision to include next new club.
* Any more? Haha

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