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Farewell and Thank You Shaun


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Central Coast Mariners Chief Executive Officer Shaun Mielekamp has announced he will step down from his position following almost 9 years of dedicated service to The Community Club.

Mielekamp joined the Central Coast Mariners in May 2015, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous role as General Manager of Commercial & Consumer Products at rival club the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Mariners Chairman, Richard Peil, expressed his thanks on behalf of the advisory Board for Mielekamp’s significant contribution to the club’s growth and development over the years.

“In my opinion, the Central Coast community have Shaun to thank for their beloved Mariners still being around. I honestly don’t believe it would still exist without Shaun’s dedication and skill set over the last 9 seasons. On top of this, he is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He will be sorely missed,” Peil said.

Reflecting on his tenure, outgoing CEO Shaun Mielekamp stated,

“I am truly honoured to have played my part in the history of this great club, I am incredibly proud of the achievements that have been made over the last 9 seasons where I have seen all the highs and lows that sport has to offer. I have achieved all I can for the club. This decision will help the club take the next step forward and reach new heights. Whilst this is a difficult time for me, I make this call with genuinely best of intentions for the club and the community at heart.

Leaving the club when things are going so well was always something that I wanted to do, we are now playing in Asia again, we now have a Women’s team that we are all proud of and most of all we have a club that has showed Australian Football just how important the Central Coast Mariners are and what we stand for.

Winning the Championship was special; and so was every win and every family photo that happened. I would like to pay special thanks to the Chairman Richard Peil and Mike Charlesworth who I am extremely grateful for and without them our club would never have survived.

Most of all I want to thank everyone in our Mariners Family for your support over the years. Members, sponsors, coaches, administration staff and players who have helped us build such an amazing culture. Anything is possible, we won’t back down and we believe. I look forward to seeing you all in Our Paradise cheering on the team from my new lucky seats next to my family.”

Following Mielekamp’s decision, the Board confirmed that Director and Chairman Richard Peil will be temporarily stepping in to the daily operations of the business as acting CEO for the time being, while the Club undertakes a search for a new CEO. Mielekamp will continue to work closely with Peil on the Mariners Advisory Board for the next 12 months in a paid capacity. Peil will assume the transitional responsibilities immediately.

The Central Coast Mariners extend their sincere appreciation to Shaun Mielekamp for his dedication and leadership and look forward to the continued growth and success of the club.



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Not the news any of us perhaps expected to hear today but what a servant Shaun has been to the club and he can certainly hold his head high after all that he has achieved in his time as CEO


A bona fide legend.

Never known a CEO be so warm and accessible to regular fans. Not once has Shaun shirked his responsibility to keep the supporters informed with the workings of the organisation. Gutted he's going... but hope whatever he does next, he's just as successful.


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Damn, that’s a massive loss for the club. Shaun certainly can be so proud of the work he’s done and even more so that man deserves a break. Shaun led the club through the deepest darkest pits of shit and seeing his emotion on grand final night made it all worthwhile. I hope Shaun checks in here and has a browse like he used to and hope he sees the tributes in this thread. Always valued his openness and transparency on here over the years, I was always made sure to thank him. Because what CEO in the league would do or will do those kinds of things? Shaun would. He didn’t have to, but he made sure he did as often as he could.

Thanks for absolutely everything you did to help our football club Shaun, we were lucky to have you.


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I thought I was receiving an email about the match on the weekend, this is heartbreaking.

Shaun has been immense, and I'm glad to see he will remain involved in some capacity for the next 12 months. Wish him the absolute best in the future.

Shaun endured the hard times, and it's great he was able to be here for a Championship.


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I remember before the Nix 8-2 defeat, Shaun spoke to a few hundred supporters before the game about the state of things & to be honest he seemed a shattered man.

To think of where we were then to where we are now, it’s a fairytale ending. Forever a legend of the Mariners.

Big Al

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Was a critic in the tough times but he was working with sweet FA and an owner more interested in gimmicks. However he has worked incredibly hard and loves the club and has been very accessible.
Without him and his heart and desire the club would not be here. Done some great things as well so must be congratulated for that as well.

I am so happy he can go out while the club is in a fantastic position and no body deserved to celebrate the Melbourne City smashing more than him.

Also kind of weird he waited till we broke the curse ?


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The man is simply a legend!! Thank you Shaun!!

While the A Leagues reckon they are not going to directly replace Danny Townsend (thank God he's gone) they should be begging Shaun (after he has a decent break) to show how a real CEO would run the Leagues.
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I wonder if this means Peil is all in on the club now
Quite the opposite went through my mind. The timing is very strange. Another salary saved?

This is a massive blow at a critical part of the season when we have a massive head of steam. Always something...

I'm extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication Shaun has put into the club. Stalwart, ship steadier, top all round bloke and always been open and friendly with the fans. Gutted he's going, big big loss.

Best of luck with the next move Shaun, you deserve every success.

Maybe we should pass the hat round to freshen up that Brazilian as your leaving gift?!


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This is a massive blow at a critical part of the season when we have a massive head of steam. Always something...
I don’t think that’s really the case for on field performance. Shaun has been immense for the club there’s no doubt about that but I don’t see an office role departing rocking the team on the pitch. I’m hoping it’s not ominous having such a stalwart depart but only time will tell if that’s the case.

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