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Farewell and Thank You Shaun


Well-Known Member
Thank you Shaun. First time i met him we shared a table at Kariong United's presso night. I liked him instantly. He was working for the Drive by's then and brought a framed Wanderers shirt as a raffle prize which was amusing and not very popular lol.

Shaun has been a brilliant CEO in the most dire circumstances before Richie came aboard and was always friendly and approachable. He always went above and beyond. Seeing his response to our wonderful GF win last year would have bought a tear to a glass eye.


Well-Known Member
Hope he is not lost to football equally would hate to see him at another A-l team.
His email says he's sticking around in a part-time position, so I'm innocently reading it as about him looking to step back:

"Mielekamp will continue to work closely with Peil on the Mariners Advisory Board for the next 12 months in a paid capacity."

I think it's fair to say we still exist in big part because of Shaun's efforts, so full credit to him all the way. I completely understand wanting to head out with the club in a good place.

Tempted to speculate it's the opposite - Shaun thinks Peil is committed now, so the club came first, but that's literally pure speculation. It doesn't feel like Shaun to jump out with work to do on our front.

Josho Howe

Well-Known Member
I concur with everyone else's comments. Absolute legend of the club that has done an amazing job for the last 9 years. He's been here for the lows and deserved the highs as much as anyone.

Also, an invaluable contributor to the pod. What other club's CEO takes time out of their day to update their supporters on a fan podcast? The most frequent guest and always open and honest.

Best of luck with whatever is next @Shaun Mielekamp


Well-Known Member
Best there is, was, or will be. Took an incredible amount of knocks but refused to back down. Always believed in the vision, righted the ship, and got us out of the shit (in more ways than one!!)
Shaun mate you leave here an absolute legend, I know I’m carrying on like a broken record but I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for this place.

We’ll always have Bali.


Well-Known Member
Hi Shaun,
It`s been a tough ride mate and you`ve stuck it out with us, from the good times to the darkest days and back again.
Never once have you lost your temper or treated the fans with contempt.
You have been the epitome of Football administration in this country and will be the standard by which all future administrators will be judged.
We wish you all the best of luck in the future, whatever it may hold for you and your family.
We refuse to say farewell, we`ll just welcome you to the cheap seats.
Thanks for being our friend
Style & Bill


Well-Known Member
. i mean there is the worst times ... and then there is a Leeds tattoo

Wash your mouth out.

A good friend of mine got Leeds United tattoed on his neck decades before neck tatts were in. Just before Leeds plunged down into the lower leagues. I did wonder if he got it covered or just wore a band aid over it like he would when we were going to Chelsea or Spurs.


Well-Known Member
I dunno, something seems off to me. Sorry
I don’t think so. He’s given everything over the last 9 years, righted the ship and we’re in the best place we’ve ever been….. ever (doesn’t mean we’re profitable but as stable as we’ve been)
It’s probably the best time to leave as the new person is coming in to a positive stable environment rather then putting out spot fires that was the clusterf**k in the dark, dark days.
He’s leaving for a break not another job. Plus he’s remaining on the board.
No doubt he will be head hunted by sporting clubs due to his performance at the mariners and deservedly so. So hope he enjoys the break.

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