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Mariners v fibro sister loving scum troglodytes

Forum Phoenix

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I actually thought Newcastle gave us a fair test in that first 20 to 30 and we came out well. Maybe they are not at the City / MV level but they have some quality up front and they had a lot of good movement and passing, but we kept our shape, defended very well and the only real chance I can recall for all the sustained territorial superiority was the Mickaltadze header.

I think one of the main reasons that we were under the pump for so long was because when we did get a chance to put a foot on the ball, we immediately looked to go direct to the forwards (as a tactical decision not out of panic) and they in turn looked to attack straight away rather than hold the ball and wait for the mids to push up. The outcome was that we often turned it over quickly and the ball came straight back.

Wasn't sure whether it was the right tactic with all the mids pushed back so deep, isolating the 2 strikers vs 3 centre backs, but that's exactly how we got the Moresche goal.

You are right, MV and/or City will be a tougher challenge, but we are a team that is improving week-on-week both as individuals and even more so as a unit and I am really looking forward to see how we measure up now against the benchmark teams.
The shot scum had from the top of the box as well - incredible fingertip save by Birra.

Watch scums aggression and press when we try to build, niz and others were getting swamped - it wasn’t an attempt to play direct football that created turn overs, we could barely even get any ball at all. Possession was something crazy like 75. - 25 for awhile there.


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Looking at match replays and I'm disappointed I can't find any footage of Matty goading Pehna on the sideline. How could they cut that out?

Rising Sun

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Was Matty on the bench?

I've been away and offline for 2 weeks?
No, not in the team or on the bench. In fact he was sat at home watching the match on TV in his jocks and slippers. But as soon as the shithousery kicked off in earnest, he used his divine powers to appear by magic on the touchline and immediately start shit-stirring the scummers. We are not worthy.

Actually, the bit about him being at home in his jocks and slippers is probably an embellishment but the rest is spot on.

Big Al

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I feel like an underrated highlight of last night was the normally mild-mannered Kye running 20 metres to shirt front the grub Hoffman after he had his second hack at Faz, and looking like it was very much Hoffman's plan to try and intimidate him.

The beauty of it was that it didn't feel like an angry out of control reaction by, but very deliberate and considered but still aggressive and putting Hoffman on notice, a case of letting him know "you don't mess with any of the Mariners kids on my watch".
This was evident as a whole team from the start. For the last fee years we’ve not had the required fight for a derby.

There was a concerted effort to get stuck in and not let Hoffman in particular get away with bullying us.

It was controlled (storm probably pushed it a bit to much) and it was more than just Kye. It was a team effort, to the point i was wondering if Monty had instructed them to do it.

Amazing game full of so many ups and downs.
We should of killed it off a few times.

It was almost like a cat toying with a mouse letting them back in just to kill them again

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