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I heard something on the grapevine the other day about changes to the game in Europe. I wasn't really paying attention, something about the handball rule and also defensive walls. Anyone have a summary and whether they apply here? The thread dealing with laws of the game is locked so apologies if this isn't the right one.
You would assume so as they are FIFA rules. Hand ball is no longer assessed if deliberate etc, if your arms are away from your body then it’s handball. Been some interesting decisions in the EPL so far on that one. With the wall an attacker can no longer stand in the middle of the wall or disrupt it. That’s the general gist of the changers. The handball should be more simple but have still seen Ref’s and VAR screw it up so far.

Therefore this season we will get pinged heaps for handball and receive f all in return. Pretty standard really.

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One of the most notable changes is around handball, particularly when it comes to attackers in the opposition area. The rule itself is as clear as day. "Any goal scored or created with the use of the hand or arm will be disallowed this season, even if it is accidental"

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