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Marketing Ideas to Help the Club


Well-Known Member
it's just that Paradise will alienate some fans the way Melb City wanting to call themselves and fans "Citizens" pissed off eveyone who wasn't a Man City fan; ie, most Melb City fans.
I think thats a bit different, in particular because of the obvious affiliation. Who's it going to alienate? Maybe the odd rangers fan on the coast who can't separate the two and is going to get worked up over something so small? Is that really worth consideration?


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I think you underestimate the ire of Rangers fans (especially today).

I take a pretty keen interest in Celtic but I don't much care for Paradise for CCM. Whose idea was it? If it was an organically grown fan sentiment, then fine.

If it's the brainchild of some marketing subcommittee...


Well-Known Member
This has all taken a twist, chill. This is not the spirit of Australia or the Coast, leave all that conflict rubbish and pessimism behind, isn't that why you're here and not there? This is Paradise compared to some dull grey rainy shithole, you've heard our talisman player say as much. Thank your lucky stars you're here and accept you're in paradise. If you want to direct some ire, FTS.


Well-Known Member
Hey! I'm a Celtic fan! (But mainly a Mariners fan.)

My concern is not with the name itself but with the attempted imposition of the name from a non-fan inspired source.

These things almost never work, but I'll support it if it does actually work.


Well-Known Member
Just on the Rangers Celtic thing ... back in the NSL the Northern Spirit were averaging close to 18 k at NSO... then Rangers brought them and attached a couple of Ranger tags ... crowds halved the following season...

Not all because of the rangers buy .... but just saying it happened... don't even think of putting either tag or reference on the club...


Well-Known Member
Marketing for the masses, we're trying to get the fan base back up and bums on seats, I think 8k crowds was one of the markers for Peil staying engaged wasn't it? Your average coastie that used to come to games, who we want to attract back, I doubt will make any connection between Scottish football and the word Paradise. It is cheesy and not the most inspired idea but at least we've got some marketing happening and I like the word 'Our' to try to stir up some sense of community. We do have an amazing setting for a stadium, why not try to leverage it? Maybe a comparison between Parradise and the coast isn't such a bad thing, after all against WSW the away bay sing 'we don't have to live here but you do'! I know where I'd rather be.


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I just hope they don’t use the song Run To Paradise on match days because of what the song means.


Well-Known Member
I’d be happy with Run to Paradise, it’s a great song and Mark Gable’s explanation of the meaning behind it seems pretty grounded


Well-Known Member

Interesting and thanks for that, but doesn’t change my opinion about playing the song if there is a wide belief in the community about the song being about drug overdose.

Also perpetuates they stereotype about the Central Coast.

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
Question 1 is what is our prime demographic?

Families. So their "match day experience " is what needs to be worked on.

Make the 3 lower bays opposite the tunnel alcohol free and families only. That way those parents who don't want to hear swearing etc don't have to.

Personally I'd like to see the band shot out of a cannon into Brisbane water.

There is a disconnect between "football people" and the traditional "soccer mums" They aren't us and we need to start catering to them more. They don't follow the game in any way outside of their kids.

There are 14,000 registered players on the Coast. Let's say 1/2 are kids. There's your target not a group of ageing males who would turn up regardless.

If I was in CCM marketing the family pass would be my #1 target group

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