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CCM v WU.. Spool Bowl.. Our hope for redemption!


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You're the one making the claim of an injustice here so the burden of proof falls on you to provide the evidence. All I have read so is long ramblings about subjective things like Pain's intentions, Diamanti's intended actions, the referee's decision making etc. Oh, and a photo that was no where near the actual moment of interference as some sort of magical proof.

Despite that let me humour you by providing my photo. This one shows the ball at Pain's feet, hands in the air and stopped. Acquilina kicking the ball away so the second ball interferes with him as well. The photo, while unable to show that Nisbet has stopped as well (the video confirms Nisbet stops), it does show Nisbet looking cross to Pain and his gestations at the point of Nisbet's stopping.

Given both Pain and Nisbet have both stopped (Nisbet albeit momentarily but Pain for a length of time), and given the pace of the game at this level, there would have been plenty of time for Pain to close Nisbet down if he would have ran before this picture occurred. The distance looks a tad over ten metres for me. Easily done. Also remember we already see this snapshot when Pain has stopped, therefore Pain would have had more time than this photo shows.

As a side how loose is TS's marking of the Mariners's most potent weapon!

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That's actually unbelievable that Cummings is left in that much space at the top of the box.


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Mick if you go to Paramount plus and watch the replay up until Balard picks up the ball to throw it it then pause it. Once paused double click the play/pause button and it will give you a frame by frame of the replay each time you double click. It then becomes clear that the 2nd ball doesnt get to Pains feet as Balard kicks it away when its a metre and a half from Pain.Other freeze frames show Pain never even attempted to close Nisbet down as he was too far away from him.
Probably saw Diamanti roll the ball on also and thought: "Yes! Excellent ploy to waste time. Best I claim to have been disconcerted by two balls."

Just like Eva Braun when having an affair...


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Probably saw Diamanti roll the ball on also and thought: "Yes! Excellent ploy to waste time. Best I claim to have been disconcerted by two balls."

Just like Eva Braun when having an affair...
lol don`t get me started all over again.
I had to get a step ladder to get down from my high horse.
Totally missed it at the ground (I sit bay 43) and had to study the replay a 100 times to pick up exactly what happened hence my excitement... :popcorn:

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